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Empathy Test albums


Monsters (2020)

Safe From Harm
Losing Touch Remastered

Empathy Test singles

Empty Handed
Holy Rivers
Bare My Soul
By My Side

Empathy Test EPs

Throwing Stones
Losing Touch

Empathy Test compilations

Just Got Home
Throwing Stones RMXD
Live albums

Empathy Test live albums

Time to be Alive (Live, 2022)

Time to be Alive is the first live album from Empathy Test, released in September 2022. Recorded across four dates on the band's 2022 Monsters Tour of Germany, it features live drums by Christina Lopez and David Leisser, plus live synthesisers by Oliver Marson. Currently available digitally, and on slimline Digipak CD. Vinyl arriving in 2023. The album contains live versions of songs primarily from the most recent studio album, Monsters (2020), as well as the most popular tracks from Losing Touch (2017) and Safe From Harm (2017).

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