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K. S. Wave
Nov 08, 2020
In Pet pics
After Sven Friedrich of Solar Fake, yes. so it's Herr Friedrich when i seriously disagree with this cloud of fur. :D 3 years aboard.
Sven (The Fluffiest) content media
K. S. Wave
Nov 07, 2020
In New bands and music
since the year after the last decade of March lost its planned linear structure, i decided to mention new albums and new (to me! everyone else knows all of them ofc :D) bands. all of the discoveries have helped and still help a lot to get through these wondrous times. albums, according to my own stats: "King Tide" by A Beautiful Machine. an epic return after seventeen years of mostly silence, a chain of prayers and lovesongs and spells, salty like the endless sea and unstoppable like solar flares. imo. biased, and i know it. call it worshiping. "Tiny Missing Fragments" by Diorama. i read about the release date and name, and saw the cover under the brightest stars i've seen this year, with best friend, at a forest camping site. everything is a part of great sky maps. all the textures, and insights, and word chains are r i g h t . well, this band caused so many changes in my life, no wonder they finally give me (one of many, many lucky fans) a set of maps to navigate :D "Gezeiten" by Frozen Plasma. space scale delays :D dancefloor hits, fuelmefurther, sadness and bitter moments of truth. and special magic delivered by VV and flx :) yes biased again. "Monsters" by Empathy Test. not by default - because of vocals, and lyrics, and colours (i know all the best's been designed and printed already okay imhavingfun), and drums. "The Birdwatcher's Guide to Atrocity" by Seeming. doomsday hymns, and marching, and rebel songs, and speaking about mortality. special thx for one of the songs. and another - bonus - Monster on my CD shelf :) "The View From Halfway Down" by Andy Bell. when the haze of nonlinearity is all grey and ash and monotonous, it's possible to get the colours and patterns from this album. soft, sunny, warm to me. solitary joy. bands, just as happened: Ride. space delays and taiga childhood, but now i know them. not to be erased. Namgar. in search of familiar callings, these songs of steppe also found their place in my own little world. this voice makes me sing along despite totally not speaking her language. Phurpa. the power of human voice and natural sounds coming from metal, wood and bone. paths to walk without having any physical shape. and imagery of the highest summits, it comes without asking. your turn?
K. S. Wave
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