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Martin Brewer
Oct 26, 2021
In Ask us anything
The acoustic version of Kirrilee just got me wondering- would the band consider doing an album of stripped down, chilled 'sleep' versions of some of their songs? Maybe just acoustic guitar layered with some gentle keys, (and of course those beautiful vocals) or perhaps a Hammock style approach with some orchestral swells that could draw out the instrumental parts of songs maybe? Given Chrisy's recent solo release there's definitely the option for some vocal harmonies too. Maybe it's better to just wait for the next album, but I think there's some great potential in the idea!
Martin Brewer
Nov 05, 2020
In Band merch
Is it true its just been delayed so we all message Isaac on xmas morning asking where our order is, or is that just a rumour I've started? 😂 Seriously though, I've no issue with waiting- I'm just glad they're still being made while the world ends! For anyone who ordered but didn't read the email they're now expected early January. Go order more stuff in the meantime while you wait 😊
Martin Brewer
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